Who will create the next "Warped Tour?" Is it you? Maybe a friend you have? Share this episode with them! It's full of strategies and tips on how Kevin brought "the scene" out of the underground and into the streets, literally...the venues were parking lots, plots of land, stadiums, and I believe they closed down part of the Vegas strip for the final Warped Tour. I have wanted to pick Kevin Lyman's brain since I 2014 and I knew that NOW was the time to do it. Warped Tour has closed it's gates after 24 years of crazy angst-filled summers, and the man behind the whole thing has given his everything to keep it going, and, upon recording this podcast, almost his life. I was met with a post-op Kevin, who, because "the show must go on," let an infection in his knee, that he had replaced, bring him into SCEPTIC SHOCK!! That's some crazy dedication! In this episode of Project Freelance I talk with Kevin about his youth, how he built his legacy, and we talk about how the scene has changed and what the introduction and growth of social media has affected live music. Kevin, thank you, as a fan, a photographer, a musician, and as an outcast, you gave me a place to call home. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

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