Project Freelance - Season 5, Ep. 10 This week on the Project Freelance podcast I am with 17 year old freelance artist, illustrator, and cartoonist, Arimatronic. She started out as a doodler in school, but didn't find her passion for art until she got to her sophomore year of high school. She quickly learned a valuable lesson about learning how to draw in the style of realism to help develop her artistic skills.

Armed with an Ipad pro and a pencil she began creating pieces for commission after someone told her that she would buy one of her pieces. She began with digital outlines and graduated to fully detailed posters, merchandise designs, stickers, and even did fan art for the Netflix show Disenchantment.

By creating a presence on social media she has continued to grow as a young freelancer and is currently working on a book. You can follow her journey online by checking the links below.

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