This week on Project Freelance I got to sit down with my best bud, Justin Conant (@JCPICS3) to talk about selling merch for bands on tour, photography on tour, and why Justin decided to step away from touring to focus on building a home life. We also talk about the importance of NOT STEALING FROM YOUR EMPLOYER! There are a lot of incredible people out there, but there are also plenty of snakes in the grass, that will do anything to get a leg up, an extra buck, or some notoriety. Don't be a dick, just do your job. We also go into the idea of "fan entitlement," which is the phenomenon of fans assuming that because they bought a ticket to see a band perform, that they should get one on one time with the band, dinner, a show, their left kidney, and a lock of hair. It's crazy, and ridiculous. Do you know how much time your favorite band that's coming to town gets to see the city? MAYBE an hour. MAYBE. Press, management, last minute errands, and searching for a quiet bathroom to poop in take up every other second of the day.

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