Project Freelance - Season 5, Ep.1 Welcome to Season 5 of the Project Freelance podcast! If you're new, welcome! This is an educational podcast for those of you who want to become better at the creative and business side of being a freelancer. Whether you are a musician, photographer, graphic designer, or any of the dozens of freelance and or self employed job titles, this is the podcast for you! For episode one of Season 5 of Project Freelance I wanted to get videographer Brian Cox on to talk about how he goes about making tour content for bands. He started out shooting music videos with borrowed gear and became obsessed with visual creativity. He recently started touring with a few bands you may have heard of, like Hollywood Undead and Bring Me The Horizon. With HU he was tasked with not only creating daily content for social media, but he also created a weekly web series for the band's Youtube Channel. We dive into how he went about managing his time and his organization skills. As a Bring Me fan I had to ask Brian what it is like to work for the band, how he travels with them, and the many other logistics of touring, like where he edits while on the bus, which isn't always an easy task. Enjoy this episode, leave a rating, and subscribe for weekly episodes! Project Freelance got featured in a blog post called "Top 15 Freelance Audio Podcasts & Radio You Must Subscribe and Listen to in 2019"


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