Welcome to the longest episode of Project Freelance! 3 HOURS! WOW!! This week I have eleven guests from different industries joining me to share what the COVID19 virus is doing to their different industries. They'll also be sharing actionable tips with you all to help you get through this time of quarantine. 

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Frank Fanelli - touring crew member (4:52-21:47)
Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/nomadfundraiser

Graham Sheldon -Sigma Cine Pro, Producer, DP (22:16-46:22)

Erica Torres - Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Musician (46:22 - 43:29)

Aaron Berkshire - Touring Content Creator (43:30 - 1:00:42)

Lisa Ann - Radio Show Host, Adult Film Star (1:00:44 - 1:20:42)

Nicholas Mishko - Music Manager for 10 and 8 Management (1:20:50 - 1:39:22)

Auzzy Blood - Sideshow performer (1:39:34 - 1:51:44)

Jodi Cilley - Film Professor, Film Consortium SD (1:51:44 - 2:12:21)

Keith Kuzara - Tattoo Artist (2:13:08 - 2:18:18)

Jaime Bennington - Writer, Director, AirBnB Property Manager (2:19:23 - 2:55:18)


Jax - Caregiver for Seniors (2:55:31 - 3:02:48)

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