In July 2018 I made a post on Instagram saying that I wanted to teach one-on-one classes with my listeners and readers, and I asked if anyone would be interested. On this week's episode of Project Freelance, I have a young photographer joining me. Her name is Nicole, and her user tag is @Kaoruphotography2019, and she reached out to me over Instagram about a photography project she had for a class in school. And since I have a lot of high schoolers that reach out to me about needing advice for their project, I figured that I might as well start with Nicole. I knew that I had to jump on board with this immediately, because I wish I had somebody there for me when I was stuck and had questions. In this episode we discussed Nicole’s project, what her goals are for that project, and how she can take her ideas and turn them into visual works of art. 

In order for me to help her I had her send me a set of photos she had taken so I could critique them, and I was absolutely tickled pink when I saw how talented this young photographer is. Click this link to see those photos: If you have a school project that you need help with, or would just like to pick another creator's brain, I highly recommend you reach out to me so we can set up a class of our own, and get you started on the right path to your dream job!! 

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